Saturday, October 4, 2008


As a Mom you know you've done a pretty good job of teaching your children compassion when one of them comes home and tells you that they didn't have change for a $20 so they gave the whole thing to a homeless person they had seen. Sometimes in this life we take things for granted until we see someone less fortunate.

I was reminded of this when my dear hubby and I were standing waiting for the subway in NYC this past week when I noticed a young man looking through the trash can for something when he pulled out a bottle, opened it, sniffed it to make sure whatever was in it was drinkable, and then he took a drink being very careful to not let his lips touch the brim of the bottle. Boy, did I feel ashamed. Hubby and I had just paid almost $5 for two large drinks from McDonalds.

Sometimes in this life it's the simple things that make you realize that "there by the grace of God go I." I am so grateful for the many things that I have been blessed with...especially my family. I'm also very grateful to a cab driver in New York who restored my faith in mankind. Hubby's wallet had accidentally fallen out in the cab and the driver made the effort to call our home in California in order to get our cell numbers so that he could return it to us.

Both incidents reminded me that I need to try harder to be a kinder, more compassionate person... and to be a better example to my children!!